Non-toxic spray-on formulation that kills fleas, mites,
ticks, and lice in all stages of the life cycle.  This all
natural EPA registered product can be safely used
on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, nursing bitches, and
pregnant animals.  It is the only product of its kind
that can be used in conjunction with spot-on type
products.  It can be used on carpet, upholstery,
pets, bedding and any other surface.  See why
many people have stopped using Pyrethrin sprays
for good!  Also effective on bedbugs, ticks, lice, and
any small insect.

De Flea Pet and Area Spray 16oz….…Call
De Flea Pet and Area Spray 22oz….…Call
Skunks Etc is used to eliminate the most stubborn
odors including skunk spray, bacterial odor, and small
animal odors using a powerful mix of enzymes.  It is
irritants.  If you are seeing more and more of those
stinky ferrets and other small animals, this is the
solution.  It can safely be used around the eyes and
face of the smallest animals.  Concentrated, 5:1
enzyme product that makes almost 1 Gallon of
Waterless Bath uses trillions of natural enzymes and
co-enzymes to break down organic materials safely
and effectively.  Removes odors, excess oils, and
stains from animal coats leaving a fresh, clean smell.  
This is a great product for Groomers to freshen up or
that need to do a little last-minute cleaning.  No need
product that is hypo-allergenic and easy to use.  It
does a great job of removing odors.  Our customers
tell us this is also effective on non-specific dermatitis,
flea irritations, and eczema.   
No Odor is guaranteed to safely eliminate all airborne odors.  
It’s patented citrus and enzyme based formula is 100% Natural
guaranteed by the manufacturer.  Works instantly to eliminate
even the nastiest odors, even pet feces.  For use on or around
any fabrics, flooring, pet habitat, and other surfaces within
habitats. It won't stain or discolor furniture or clothing.  Safe for
use on all strong animal odor sources, can even be used when
pet is in it's habitat!

Safe, yet powerful
All natural
Easy to use
Unconditionally guaranteed
Citrus scented
Stain & Odor Eliminator - Eliminates stains and odors
permanently! A stain or odor problem is like an iceberg. The
source of the stain or odor is often hidden beneath the surface
(i.e., the under-pad or flooring). Unlike competitive products that
mask odors temporarily, Natural Chemistry safely combats the
root of the problem -- making the home a healthier place to be.

Safe for People, Pets and the Planet:  Enzymes are complex
protein molecules that promote the rapid progress of nearly
decompose organic material by breaking it down to its original
components, such as carbon dioxide and water.  Stain & Odor
Eliminator uses trillions of natural enzymes and co-enzymes to
break down stains and odors entirely.  It dissolves organic matter
easily.  The biodegradable formula will not harm or discolor
carpets or upholstery, or irritate sensitive skin, eyes or noses.  
Better yet, it's easy to use and requires no rinsing!
Natural Chemistry                     All Natural flea products that kills fleas on contact!!
Docusate Sodium, a naturally occurring salt that is also an FDA approved food additive
environment.  It doesn't require you to drown fleas for 20 minutes like some ineffective
herbal flea remedies - they are dead in seconds!!  It kills fleas in all stages of their life
cycle.  .  De Flea is the only EPA registered product that is safe to use in conjunction with
spot on type products like Frontline or Advantix, and it can be safely used on puppies,
kittens, nursing bitches, and pregnant pets.

De Flea Concentrate Gallon dilutes 3/1…................4/case
De Flea Ready to Use 16.9oz…………….…… ..........12/case