Joy Sticks, Porkies and Chix Stix
by J.J. Fuds

These are a 3 foot long chew stick made of
100% USDA inspected beef! They come in
three great selling flavors; Beef, Pork and
Chicken.  These treats are an American 80
count display box that takes up only an 8" x
8" of floor space and they have great visual

Also, try our 12", 60 count counter
display  box!  No Bull Bacon (pork
flavored) and No Bull Bullies(beef
All Beef, All Natural Premium Dog treats....                    
Bully Sticks
These pure beef, high protein,
low fat treat help massage
gums and remove tarter dogs
occupied for hours.  dogs
occupied for hours.  Dogs go
nuts over this Dogs go nuts
over this premium chew.  Bully
Sticks are pure muscle and
are slowly roasted in their own
juices to lock in flavor. Make
sure to buy a size appropriate
for your dog!  
Available in 12" and 32" sticks.
Made in the USA!
by Pet Center
MUSCLE BONES® chews are made
from 100% USDA inspected beef
ligaments.  They are slowly roasted in
their own juices with no additives or
preservatives. These 9” long ligaments
will keep dogs happy for a long time.
They are a healthy treat and they help
clean their teeth. Made in the USA!
(not sold as pictured)
COWBONES® 100% beef hoof chews come in
smoked and natural flavors and are processed in
a special manner, requiring extra steps  to
remove as many sharp edges as possible.  All
hooves are sterilized and are excellent for all
Made in the USA!
20lb Bulk Smoked            20lb Bulk Natural