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Chicken & Biscuits
by PCI
These great snacks are bone shaped biscuits
wrapped in the middle with PCI’s 100% natural
Chicken Breast Tenders strips.  Another
favorite with dogs!  These treats are hormone,
preservative and additive free.  Low in Fat and
ACA endorsed.
Available in 1 lb canisters.
Chicken Nibbles and Chicken Breast Tenders by Pet Center, Inc. (PCI)
Our best seller!
See why the American Canine Institute has endorsed these treats as their treat of choice.  
Veterinarians recommend them, dogs love them.  These are made with 100% chicken breast
with no additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring.  High in protein, low in fat, highly
nutritious and easily digested, they are the best-selling new treat on the market.  Don’t get
fooled by the imitators.  Their products have, salt, and often sterilized by irradiation
preservatives.  PCI doesn't use irradiation or salts, they slow-dry them in their USDA
inspected facility until they reach 14% moisture content.  This insures a shelf life of over 1.5
years.  Nibbles are great training aids and perfect for small dogs.  Tenders are great for any
occasion.  They are safety-sealed in 1 pound canisters and are packed 24 to a case.

Chicken Breast Nibbles  - 3.5oz., 1lb & 2.25lb
Chicken Breast Tenders - 3oz., 8oz. & 1lb