100% Pork Dog Treats...                   
Pig Ears
PIGEARZ are made from 100% natural pork with
no additives or preservatives.  These are the
extra-large variety and the best quality pig ears
you can buy!  The original PIGZEARZ® are our
best-selling Pork product.  They come in natural
and hickory smoked. Packed in 100 count bulk
Joy Sticks, Porkies and Chix Stix
by J.J. Fuds
These are a 3 foot long chew stick made of
100% USDA inspected beef! They come in
three great selling flavors, Beef,  Pork and
Chicken.  These treats are an American
made product!  They're packed in their own
80 count display box that takes up only an 8"
x 8" of floor space and they have great visual