Special Diet
Quackers are a great alternative for dogs if
they're allergic to chicken or beef or simply
just enjoys duck meat.  Veterinarians love to
sell our Quakers!

QUACKERS™ are made from 100% natural
breast of DUCK. That’s right! They’re
actually slices of duck breast that are slow
roasted in their own juices...locking in the
flavor. Duck has a strong and very distinct
flavor that dogs go crazy over! They are
sure to be habit forming!

QUACKERS™ are currently available in 8
ounce packages and 1LB canisters.
Pet Center Yummy Yammy Nibbles
dog treats are made from 100% Chicken
and sweet potatoes. By combining
Chicken and Sweet Potatoes they’ve
added vital nutrients to a 100% natural
low fat, high protein treat.  They are rich
in beta-carotene, dietary fibers,
potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A,
B2, B6 and C.  Yummy Yammy Nibbles
are also grain, wheat and corn free! That
makes these treats a healthy and gentle
alternative for dogs who suffer from
arthritis, digestive problems, or diabetes.  
Puppies love them too!  These low calorie
yummy treats are delicately roasted to
ensure premium quality and flavor.  
Yummy Yammy Nibbles are sure to
become a favorite.  Great for all sized
breeds and round shaped nibbles are
perfect as a training treat.
Available in 8 ounce. resealable bags
Chicken & Rice Recipe™ is made from
100% chicken and rice, freshly processed
according to PCI standards with no
additives, no preservatives or coloring.  
These treats are highly nutritious and low in
fat!  Great for dogs looking for treats not too
high in protein or who are on the chicken
and rice diet.
Available in an 8 ounce resealable package
SUPERCHEWS®…A product with a secret
recipe made from 100% U.S. Beef
ligaments with no additives, coloring or
preservatives. SUPERCHEWS® have an
indefinite shelf life. This product is a
healthy alternative to pig’s ears and
rawhide and is completely digestible. It
comes in 100% Beef or Beef and: Chicken,
Liver, Pork, Sausage and Veggies flavors.
SUPERCHEWS® are recommended by
many veterinarians. Dogs will go crazy with
this premium chew. Made in the USA!
These 5" chews are packed in 55 count
display box.